Numeric Control Machine with movable head.

Description NTDOOR Basic NTDOOR Medium NTDOOR Extra
Machining door measures 2800 x 1300 mm. 2800 x 1300 mm. 2800 x 1300 mm.
Vertical drilling engine 2 x 5.5 Kw. ER/32 8 Kw. ISO/30 8 Kw. ISO/30 – 5.5 Kw. ER/32
Change tool storage 6 u. 6 u.
Horitzontal engine for pins 2 Kw. 2 Kw. 2 Kw.
Horitzontal engine for locks 3.3 Kw. 3.3 Kw. 3.3 Kw.
Circular 0º Saw 2 Kw. 2 Kw. 2 Kw.
Circular +/- 45º Saw 2 Kw. 2 Kw. 2 Kw.
Working zones 2 2 2
Frame fastening system Included Included Included
Vacuum pump 70m3 70m3 70m3
Software PortaCam PortaCam PortaCam
CNC 840DSL 840DSL 840DSL
Connections Ethernet/Teleservice Ethernet/Teleservice Ethernet/Teleservice
Lubrication Centralized and automatic Centralized and automatic Centralized and automatic
PC Windows system Windows system Windows system


Constructive system:

This serie incorporates the fixed table and movable head system, adapting the central traction head format.

The bridge forms a closed ring around the table and the central spindle makes the desplacement traction. It is soported on both side of the table.

Machine equipped with a spindle dessigned for the doors and doors’ frames machining, incorporating independent engines for the different machinings. It has an horitzonal engine for lock boxes, an horitzontal engine for the machining of the bolt housing and a motor or motors for the sight glass, hlandles, opening glasses, profiled, etc.

To cut the length of both door and frames, we have a sat at 0º and for miter cutting, we have another saw with +/- 45º with which we can cut one end of the spar and both sides of the transform.

For an easier programming, the machine incorporates the PortaCam program, developed for the fittings, models of doors and worklists programming.

We have several spindle configurations, to adapt to your needs. In addition you can adapt countless complements that make the machine more productive.

The subjection is made bu movable profiles with vacuum clamps.



• Automatic loading and discharge system
• Floating spindle
• Chip removal system
• Staple assembly system
• Independent multi-frame group







Click here: NT-DOOR 2.0 to download the details file.








Vertical milling motor type 919-9 Kw. ISO/30 S6- 4 poles. 300/380 V. (+/- 10%) 400 Hz.
Cooling by electric fan with thermal sensor
Isulation class F Weight 31 Kg.
Double front and rear angular contact bearing
Maximum speed 24.000 r.p.m.

Motor with clip and manual tool change

Vertical Milling motor of Mod TMPE 14/2 5,5 Kw special construction, to adapt tools mounted on a ER-32 clip with 2 to 20 mm of capacitance. Front and simply rear angular contact bearing.







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