We are exclusively manufacturers of cnc machining centres, for all industrial sectors, with a great diversity of models and formats and with applications of automation of the processes.



We incorporate to our manufactured products the latest technological advances and we continually develop new products, which make our offer be more extensive and more specialized day to day

We like working with RIERGE, they make formidable machines and they advise us and help us permanently. It's guaranteed that what's drawn at technical office is manufactured at the workshop. The carpentry depends more and more on machinery, the future carpenter will be technological.

Els Nois

I'm happy with RIERGE. Thanks to their machining center, our clients are satisfied, and we can undertake any project, however complex it is".
The businessman from Madrid was amazed when he saw how the machines are made in RIERGE, "how they are organizated, the robusty of the machine's bench, without skimping on the structure, and the SIEMENS technology in their numeric control".

Felipe Camacho

CRUZ Portes has allied with RIERGE, a specialist on doors machining, "we had a clear idea, and we didn't want to risk it".
RIERGE, nearest manufacturer specialized in machining centers, give us a tranquility of having a fast response and in the same language as us, if we need technical assistance.

Jordi Cruz

"The EVOLUTION solution that Rierge offered us will give us a great agility at working process, this innovation is a formidable advantatge for the carpenter; a fast and easy change from multifunctional table to suction clamps into a continous working process. Trully, it is a machine for life".

Luis Corcobado

“We were looking at some options. RIERGE is specialist in machining centers, and they manage very advanced technology. We value their proximity and the fact of being a spanish manufacturer. Every component of RIERGE's machines are easy to find, and their technical service is fast and efficient".

Jordi Rovira

“Besides being a complete, robust and fast machine, the new RIERGE is compatible with the other machining center we have at the warehouse".
"We have not any limitation, we can do any carpentry or joinery element custormers ask to".
Easynest COMBI incorporates both subjection system, multifunctional table and clamp-holder consoles.

Jaume Roca

“We have evolved to a product with much more quality and a greater added value. Wood is protagonista in interior decoration: on floors, doors, stairs, furniture and coating. RIERGE's Easynest Evolution makes easier to achieve our goals".

Albert Sureda

“We were looking for a maximum precision to perform molds and very special mechanizes for singular costumers, of high added value. It is a robust, fast and easy yo programm machine, and it also allows to mechanize very little pieces".

Ramón Closa

“There's almost no need to catch and handle weight, and we use the material to the fullest".
"Instead of retiring, I decided to buy the machine -he jokes-. Nesting system convinced me, because we work as one handred percent the flat surface".

José María Amatriain

“We have chosen RIERGE because we look at the future and we calculate that we will make very important productions. With them we can cover the growth that we expect".

Susana Soriano

"We have improved with RIERGE. Their machine allows us to make more things and more coplex furniture. There are less design restrictions”

Genís Hernández

“To manufacture the furniture armours, we generate small and varied pieces, we have biult the machine to suit our needs. With the Z axis track, we can mechanize up to three boards simultaneously".

Xavier Vidal
Fusteria Vidal

“If we had not invested in the new machining centre, we would not have been able to accept some orders. Thanks to RIERGE we have strengthened and propelled ourselves again in the wide radius around our site, at the northeast of Girona".

Martí Sarasa
Fusteria Sarasa

“We have undertaken a Renove Plan, incorporating new machines in our facilities in Sabadell. First it was the sectioning machine, then the edging machine and, finally, we bought a new machining centre with numerical control".

Ramón Gabarró
Gabarró Hnos.

“We dress complete spaces, stores, houses, offices... and we dare with the most difficult forms and solutions, because we know the trade and we have equipped with high technology".

Carles Prat
La Fusteria 1890

“RIERGE counseling has been perfect. It's a close company, with familiar treatment and a quickly response of its technical service”,

Jordi Serradell
J. Serradell, S.L.

“We had never scheduled a working on a computer. Nowadays we present beatiful, bold and daring projects... And we completely machine them, with quality and presicion, in our new machine”.

Fusteria Mobles Malla

"RIERGE has shown us than small workshops can also have a machining center, improve and progress with the technology of the great".

Manuel Hernández.

"The incorporation of Rierge's integrated solution has given us flexibility in the manufacture of doors and speed in the delivery".

Francisco López

"We wanted to make new models, with the most modern machining technology, and we needed a machine that lived up to our goal".

Josep Centelles

“We got a perfect finish. My clients have been expecting this for some time, and I already have several templates in my portfolio; each one more complex than the previous one".

Joan Colón
Fusteria Colón



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