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Plus de 30 ans à travailler dans la construction de centres d’usinage cnc, alors que nous pensions déjà que la gamme que nous avions couvrait les besoins des secteurs dans lesquels nous sommes présents, notre département R+D+I a commencé à développer un nouveau concept en concevant des groupes indépendants équipé de trois axes dans chaque groupe, où placer les moteurs de fraisage, cela appliqué aux modèles Cercomak et Megadoor fait évoluer ces modèles et cède la place aux modèles Mecacerc et Mecadoor qui nous offrent une plus grande production et flexibilité du fait que nous pouvons réalisent différents usinages simultanés et indépendants sur toutes les faces des profilés ou des planches.Ces machines, placées dans la lignée des modèles Ferramak et Ferrador pour la pose de serrures, charnières et anubas, nous donnent la possibilité de pouvoir offrir à nos clients une solution d’usinage et d’ajustage clé en main.

(Español) CRUZ alcanza el servicio inmediato gracias a RIERGE


Un mecanizador de puertas muy flexible, en Lleida y Tarragona.


Con 45 años de experiencia en el sector del almacenaje y comercio de puerta de madera, CRUZ Portes transita por su segunda generación, con Jordi Cruz al frente de la empresa. CRUZ es hoy “Portes i Més”, ya que se ha erigido como un especialista en el mecanizado de puertas, y ha alcanzado, gracias a RIERGE, un altísimo nivel de flexibilidad en la fabricación y de calidad en los acabados.

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Badia expands horizons


BADIA has enjoyed a RIERGE’s NT DOOR for many years, and they still keep it. « We are a faithful client to RIERGE, because they improve their standarized machines and configure their models according to the clients needs. They have a great adaptability, they admit successive addittions and the machines respond exactly to the expectations that we are detecting in the market« .

« Without this machinery we couldn’t be doing meny of the projects that we carry out today« , concludes Ismael Carrascosa.


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FUSTES CLOSA looks beyond the carpentry


The warehouse from Barcelona looks at the future with strength in commercial and machining departments.

FUSTES CLOSA is a company originally from Igualada that is passing through its third generation, directed since 1998 by Ramón Closa, founder’s grandson.

With the irruption of the great crisis, the changes also began into this wood and board warehouse. « Is was no enough to have material, organize the stock and serve customers well -remembers Ramón Closa-. Those premises were not enough to sell; it was necessary to incorporate commercials, go out to sell and, in addition, incorporate machinery in the warehouse to transform the materials and give them added value« .

The Nesting is an ideal system for that type of bussiness in which the parts are not manufactured in series and cutting in a panel saw is not profitable because hardly going to cut more than one board, therefore, is the most cost-effective system for cutting the pieces in detail, because we obtain the cutting, drilling, boxing and moldings in one go, without having to manipulate the piece from one machine to another.

In this case, the machine incorporates a robotized spindle, that permits to make machinings in any position and perpendiculary to the piece, what offers more possibilities to Fustes Closa for the complex workings realization and to offer a better service to their costumers.

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More presents every day in the central zone of Spain, we have installed, in full pandemic situation, a cnc machining center Mod. Mega/30 equiped with horizontal motors to mechanize doors, in addition to the usual working for the furniture manufacturing.

this machine has been installed in DAMAY TODO MADERA Y LACADOS, S.L. It’s a medium company from Paracuellos del Jarama (Madrid), with two years of activity and seven workers, that has inherited the experience of 30 years of a carpentry that preceeds it. Dani and Mayte (DAMAY) decided to pursue with a bussiness that ceased due to retirement.

Specialized in the work of lacquered doors (they have their own lacquering workshop), DAMAY has opted for RIERGE to grow in the sector and expand its services.

This machine, as all those manufactured by RIERGE, incorporates a real numerical control from the SIEMENS brand, which guarantees faster execution of programs, better finishes and greater precision.

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We’re installing the machining center Mod. JST3014 with a 3.000 x 14.000 mm. table and a 500 mm. Z axis. It’s equiped with two vertical milling spindles, one of them with 5 axis, of 16 kw. This machine is for CLT panel machining for the construction of buildings; but it can machine other components also, like stairs and doors, and make other carpentry work.

North Delegation


Since September 1st we have incorporated Mr. Miguel Ángel Martín to our team, he will be the sales agent of the north zone of Spain.

If you have any doubt about our products or you wish him to visit you, you can contact Miguel Ángel to the telephone number +34 682136207 or by the e-mail

Commercial Agent in Catalunya


Since june 1st Mr. David Segarras has been incorporated to our sales team, he will play the role of sales agent in Catalunya.

If you have any doubt about our products or you wish us to visit you, you can contact with David to the phone number +34 619613491 or by e-mail


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