RIERGE Center Delegation


The well done job of our delegate in zone centre, Mr. Javier Hornillos, is starting to bear fruit. Rierge sold a lot of machines at the zone in 90’s, but during the last years we haven’t been comercially present in the zone, fact that caused us to lose an important market share.

A new stage starts for Rierge in the zone with a person dedicated exclusivelly to the technical and comercial counseling, so that our costumers can acquire the machine that bests suits their needs.

A few days ago we delivered a machining center to Carpintería Corcobado, next week we’re delivering the machine to Tableros Mecanizados Extremeños, and after Easter holidays it will be the turn of Carpintería OK. Three references of the new range of CNC machining centers that Rierge has developed in recent years and make it leader in the sector for those who wants a high quality and precision industrial machine.