The great diversity of products than can be made with plastic components and their different compositions, made us to designe different formats of machines to cover all the industrial sectors.

In this section you will find different machine formats depending on your activity and your needs, especially in “Z” axis travels, the dimension of plates and the required precision.

As in all our range, we adapt the composition of the machine and choose the most suitable model according to your needs.

  • Measures of labor area on hold.
  • Resin subjection table with suction cups.
  • Fastening by pneumatic clamps.
  • Twin engine in the displacement axes.
  • Protection bellows in every axes.
  • Different spindles, power and formats adaptation.
  • Several models and capacity of tool-change warehouse.
  • Pieces fastening by pneumatic clamps with automatic positioning.
  • Pallet changing machines.
  • Dividing plate.