Since a while, the concept of production has changed. Today we need flexible manufacturing systems that allow us to manufacture non-serial products in a fast and agile way.

The introduction of Nesting system in the processes facilitates the desired objective. with it we achieve a greater production and more precision, eliminating intermediate processes and manipulation of material from on machine to another.

In our series Easynest you will find multiple models and configurations that allow to completely automate the entire process of cutting, vertical drilling, horizontal drilling and veneering without the intervention of personnel.

We have solutions for drilling manually, semiautomatically or fully automatic with our series Mega, Alfa and JST that offer Gantry constructions to reach 1850mm panel width.

Ask us for information and we will help you choosing the configuration best suited to your needs.

  • Measures of labor area on hold
  • Custom configuration of the spindle
  • Different construction systems according to materials to be machined
  • Adaptation of heads of 4 and 5 axes
  • Dividing plates
  • Automated production lines
  • Nesting Solutions
  • Lines of machining, drilling, plating