We have automatic panel production lines, with automatic labeler at the entrance of the board, automatic loading of the board to the machining center and unloading on table with tapestry.

For the doors machining we have developed a system of automatic loading by manipulator that can choose doors from different points of origin, and at the exit of the machine feeds another machine inserting of ironworks that places and screws the hinges and the lock. At the exit of this machine a manipulator picks up the door and places it in different pallets, according to the desired programming. All this is done from a single program and a single control point that manages the whole process and the different machines.

The machining and bolting of the door frames is carried out automatically, after the loading to the machining center it performs the cutting of length, the cutting or machining of joining the three pieces, drilling, milling of the bolts and lock and any other machining required, until the installation and screwing of the hardware in the frames is done automatically with a single programming and from a single control point


Our Suite X4 with our program PortaCam X4, you can manage all the processes.