The diversity of materials that are included in sectors in clearly expansion as the aerospace sector took us to make a safe investment in research and development to be able to offer differents formats of machine to adept to the needs of mechanized each one of the materials.

Below you can see a selection of the most usual machines.

All our models are configurable according to the requirements of our customers.

  • Measures of labor area on hold.
  • Subjection table of steel, electro-welded or resin pieces.
  • Twin engine in the displacement axes.
  • Installation of linear regulation.
  • Protection bellows in every axes.
  • Different spindles, power and formats adaptation.
  • Several models and capacity of tool-change warehouse.
  • Choice of different working areas, double table, rotating table, tilting work, etc.
  • Soundproofed fairing.
  • Covered ceilings i some models.