Designed for the panels and profiles machining, totally parametric, with specific cycles and simulation function. Embedded Nesting Module



Easily description of the workpieces parameters using “MAGIC POINTS”.

One of TwinCAM many advantatges is the creation of the workpieces parameters description using the so-called “MAGIC POINTS”.

Instead of using aboslute coordinates for the description of the operations, they are realted to the measures of the panel, so when we change the panel measurements, all the operations are grouped according to the change. They are instantaneous operations that we do not even need to learn


With the new concept “FREE FORM” of the TwinCAM pockets parameters we reduce the complexity of doing this work.

Circular and rectangular boxes are made by a very simple way. In a free contour we click the pockets option and TwinCAM does the rest.

Can there be islands inside?

Do you want to remove the outside and leave the inside?

Everything is easier than ever with TwinCAM.


Using free defined variables and functions, the system achieves a high flexibility degree.

With the variables and formulas used in complicated pieces it is possible to discover the different variants of each part of this piece. In addition to using functions already prepared, it is also possible to use functions that we have defined. Simple operations are enabled or disabled by giving the appropiate conditions in “CONDITIONS”

Alternative operations are made by choosing and combinating variables and conditions.


A powerful and realist simulator allows us to see graphically how has been left the working after the creation of the program.

The simulator in real time allows us to see the behavior of our work in each moment and state.

TwinCAM simulates the real code of the program, even if it has benn imported by another medium.

During the simulation the details can be diplayed by ZOOM functions.


Good operation of the machine is essential to avoid operational errors.

With theTwinCAM worklist we can work faster and better and, therefore, with a higher level of productivity.

The worklist presents graphically the machine’s worktable on the screen, we drag the programs we need and position them in the right places, so we can start.


Clear and simply hangling of the different tools with the TwinCAM editor.

The tools and aggregates are presented on the screen just as they are on the actual machine. TwinCAM is concerned about the displecement and the choice of the most appropiate tool that we have introduced in the program. Several changes of tools or movements can be recorded as a block and so can be used again as a set whenever we need them.


TwinCAM presents a clear scheme of all the functions of the machine. Working with TwinCAM involves a minimum of learning, because the support of the program is completed and graphical.


The tool’s dimensions and characteristics are very easy to introduce.

In addition to the management of the TwinCAM tools, it provides control of them, different supports and identification systems.