Designed for the machining of any type of plate or profile, it is totally parametric and has specific cycles.



Integrated TwinCAM 11 Basic program to facilitate the programming of diverse forms with parametric system and cycles of programming of lines, arcs and drills, to be able to realize all type of mechanized without having to waste time in the adaptation of programs generated by external assistants and that also works in a real parametric way. We have this integrated module to be able to perform different milling and drilling.


–    Milling
–    Arcs
–   Horizontal and vertical drillings
–   Drilling racks
–   Circular or rectangular pockets
–   Hinge
–   Slots

Simple and interactive programming system, it facilitates the insertion of millings using Start Point, Midpoint and End Point.
This system is totally parametric, because even changing the measurements from the work list, it modifies the measurements of the piece respecting the origin and final points.
We have differents ways to start cutting, depending on your needs: tangential, perpendicular, semi-circle, quarter circle.
We can choose the compensation type we want: outsite, inside or the centre of the line drawn.
In addition to being able to generate the designs with the program itself, it allows us to import files generated with other CAD programs.


Easily description of the workpieces parameters using “MAGIC POINTS”.
Starting and ending points.
Instead of using aboslute coordinates for the description of the operations, they are realted to the measures of the panel, so when we change the panel measurements, all the operations are grouped according to the change. They are instantaneous operations that we do not even need to learn.


Customizing the composition of the machine.
Tools parameterization with measures and cutting technology (forward, rpm…)

Everything is easier than ever with TwinCAM 11 Basic