5 Axis High-Speed Numerical Control Machine.

  2515 3020
X 2500 3000
Y 1500 2000
Z 1200 800
Other measures on demand

Construction system:

This series integrates the fix table and mobile bridge system supported by two raceways with the Gantry system.

The construction system used in this model makes this machine especially designed for working on voluminous workpieces.

With a longer course for the “Z” axis, it enables us to machining curved items, with the possibility of installing heads with 4 or 5 axis.

Concerning the fixation of the workpieces, we can chose an electro-welded table made of steel, a slotted foundry table or a resin table with the vacuum system incorporated.

Machine entirely protected and covered which offer the option to be soundproof, also to facilitate the loading of large and/or heavy items, the table is stable and as well relatively near the ground.


• Measures of work on demand.
• Fixing table for steel, electro-welded or resin parts
• Double motor in the displacement axes, master / slave
• Installation of linear rules
• Protection bellows on all axes
• Different spindles, powers and formats adaptation
• Various models and tool change storage capabilities
• Different work areas, double table, pendular work choice





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SJN 3020 Measures







Electromotor: ES779
Power S1/S6 15 / 18 kW. HSK F63
2 axis spindle HS-655 – 18
Max rpm 24.000
Cooling by liquid
Front and rear ceramic bearing
Axis rotation “A” ±120°
Axis rotation “C” ±245°



Vertical milling motor type ES 369 13 Kw ( 17 CV ) HSK/63
Spindle HS300C-11/13 Kw.S1/S6 – 4 poles. 300/380 V. (+/- 10%) 800 Hz
Cooling by liquid
Isulation class F. Double front and rear angular contact bearing
A axis infinite rotation
C axis infinite rotation
Servomotors type Torque Motors




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