RIERGE SUITE X4 .Is a current and innovative platform, allowing integration into any production environment anc corporative ERP. It’s prepared to manage information related to Industry 4.0


RIERGE SUITE X4 In the effective management of the company there are multiple logical processes that must be perfectly connected, to allow absolutlly control of each situation and thus provide an agile response to external and internal clients, applying consistently an integrated and disciplined approach.

RIERGE SUITE X4 is a family of professional software solutions, exclusively designed to enhance the efficient management of the company, connecting all its logical processes. With this approach, the solution adapts to the needs of your company and makes them a strategic force.

RIERGE SUITE X4  can host PORTACAM X4, NESTING X4 and CAD X4, all of them based on .NET technology: an actual and innovative platform, that allows you to improve works and reduce production times, without the need to have knowledge about CadCam.

RIERGE SUITE X4 is an innovative platform where software adapts to the customers needs, and not vicecersa. It has automatic online updates, multilingual (Spanish, Catalan, French, English, German, Portuguese and Russian), as well as the visualization of diagram alarms and 3D positioning.
In addition, it allows to control the work that are being made in each machine remotely, thus speeding up the control times and displacements of the operator.


  • PORTACAM X4 is more than a software remodelation, it’s a step forward towards new technologies.
    In the doors and frames’ machining developing, we have added a more intuitive and pleasant graphic environment, a more extensive library, more powerful job lists, on-screen previsualization of the final result of the worked model and many other variable options.
  • NESTING X4 manage the worklists of automatic feeding systems.
    It also adds new functions and automatic label placement.
  • CAD X4 is a parametric program, created for users without knowledge about CADCAM.
    Its purpose is the machining of furniture with multiple functions and cycles, which makes it very easy to make furniture.

This solutions has been designed to offer you the maximum guarantees in the implementation of your project, turning your system into intelligent infrastructure, to increase the profitability of your business and plce it in an adventegeous position compared to its competitors.