Software designed for doors and frames machining.


This program is part of the available solutions family  and is integrated into RIERGE SUITEX4

When starting Suite,we have on the right side  the different applications available according to the contracting performed. We will only need to select the desired application.

On the left side, we have all the machine’s information:

•    Available axes and in position
•    Position and speed of master spindle
•    Position and speed of spindle feed
•    Active mode
•    Working channel
•    Tool power
•    Alarms

All the shown information is in real time, so the operator can have more control over the machine.

This aplication is a step forward towards new technologies. In the doors and frames machining development, we have added a more intuitive and pleasant graphical environment, a more extensive library, more powerful job lists, a finished model pre-visualization on the screen and more options.

Selecting PORTACAM in the main menu will be shown the available options in this application:

•    Tools
•    Ironworks
•    Doors
•    Worklist
•    Diagnosis
•    Status Variables
•    Explorer
•    Twincam


First of all, we need to configurate all the tools we’re using. This application will show them in groups.
Once we have selected the tool, we will introduce the values corresponding to each information. Once entered, press the save button to send the values to the control.


In this section we will create the ironworks. PORTACAM has an ironworks customized library, in which the customer can configure them according to the models with which is working on

Those groups are divided in:

•    Locks
•    Forms
•    General
•    Interior machining
•    Door bolt
•    Frame bolt

We can configurate the ironworks with as many types as we want.
Once we have made the composition, we select the ironwork, door bolt and locks types.


On the moment we have created the ironworks we can start to define the doors.
In each section we have a few dropdowns where the corresponding ironworks are listed and, once selected, we can enter the positions assigned to each ironwork.
When you have selected the desired options we will enter the door measurements, will select the opening direction and will make a pre-visualization of the door to check the ironworks position.


Once we have the doors created, we can start to machining them. We will add the doors to the worklist.
This worklist managing adds an additional function for bar code reading.


While we work with this application, it’s possible to accumulate an excess of files, both in our computer and in the control. Through this option we can see haw many files we have and detele them if it’s necessary.


We visualize all the alarms and alerts that the control can give us, so we are able to take the appropiate action.