Numeric Control Milling Machine with fixed head and double table.

  3015D 4016D 5016D
X 2 x 1500 2 x 2000 2 x 2500
Y 1500 1600 1600
Z 500/800 500/800 500/800
Other measures available on demand

Constructive system:

This serie incorporates movable table and fixed head system, adopting the fixed ring format.

The constructive system used on this model makes it to be a machine specially designed for aluminum and other non-ferrous resistant materials working, where it is necessary to use big dimensions and heavy tools.

The fixed head systema allows us to configurate a multiple aggregate and heavy spindle, without the speed of movement being reduced.

Having a long stroke in “Z” axis allows us to machining curved parts, and can install 4 or 5 axis spindles. The adaptation of different CNC configurations allows us to manage from 3 to 12 axis.

The pieces subjection is made by a planed and square grooved table, operation performed by the machine itself, which guarantee a perfect perpendicularity, squared and alignment ps the three axes. The working surface is grooved on 22x22mm. squares with 30mm. between centers.

Machine of great robustness that allows us the machining of all type of materials. This robustness offers us a high precision and a high quality of the finished pieces.



• 4 and 5 axis spindles
• Axis “C” in principal spindle
• Doors machining Kit
• Horitzontal rotary 360º engines
• Suction cup consoles, replacing grooved table
• One or two stand-alone and synchronized tables






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Electromotor: ES779
Power S1/S6 15 / 18 kW. HSK F63
2 axis spindle HS-655 – 18
Max rpm 24.000
Cooling by liquid
Front and rear ceramic bearing
Axis rotation “A” ±120°
Axis rotation “C” ±245°


Vertical milling motor type ES 369 13 Kw ( 17 CV ) HSK/63
Spindle HS300C-11/13 Kw.S1/S6 – 4 poles. 300/380 V. (+/- 10%) 800 Hz
Cooling by liquid
Isulation class F. Double front and rear angular contact bearing
A axis infinite rotation
C axis infinite rotation
Servomotors type Torque Motors




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