Fairing Numeric Control Machine.

Constructive system:

This machine has several axis with aggregates groups working simultanously making different cut, groove and milling functions.

The load of the three pieces that make up the frame is done automatically, as well as the fastening that is performed by pneumatic clamps that in turn are positioned in the correct place, so that there is no problem of collision with the cutting tools.

This machine is faired for the protection of the personnel.



• Half tennon. 45º system for the frames union
• Staple Slot
• Chip evacuation
• Pre-drilling
• Up to 500 sets/day












Click here: MECACERC to download the details file.








Motor with clip and manual tool change

Vertical Milling motor of Mod TMPE 14/2 5,5 Kw special construction, to adapt tools mounted on a ER-32 clip with 2 to 20 mm of capacitance. Front and simply rear angular contact bearing.

The powers are different in each spindle to make the correct machining.

This model is configurated according to the frame assembly system.





This is the selection we made for this machine