Simply creation of 2D and 3D geometry, being them wires, surfaces and/or solid modeling.


Master CAD engine facilitates the design process as never before. Each geometry you create is “alive”, allowing you to modify it until it is exactly what you want. Some of Mastercam’s main modeling tools are:

• Simply creation of 2D and 3D geometry, being them wires, surfaces and/or solid modeling.

• Mastercam’s specific tools allow you to create classic doors, stairs, etc. designs (being able to import the information of an Excel files).

• Associative updating of the dimension whem modifying the model.

• A multitude of unlimited CAD and Undo/Redo tools.

• The customizable AutoCursor™ detects the most used building points (end, half, center…)

• Analize points, between points, angles and much more else.

• Save a description with your drawing to have the revision history.

• Graphic converters for GES, Parasolid®, SAT (solidACIS), AutoCAD® (DXF, DWG, and Inventor™ files), SolidWorks®, Solid Edge®, STEP, EPS, CADL, and STL. Direct converter for CATIA®, Pro/E, and more.

• The Changes Recognition offers you a simple mode to indentify changes in the CAD and upgrated tracks.

Machining checking and Machine simulation.

It’s crucial to know the result that will be obtained before going on to the machine. Mastercam offers you different ways to ensure your piece will go out of the machine as it was programmed, these include Machine Simulation, solid verification and wire simulation. These functions provide vital information to ensure you’re getting what you see on the screen.


2D Machining, Contoured, Drillings and Boxes.

The 2D machining can oscillate from the simpliest to the most complex forms. Mastercam provides you all the necessary tools for these operations:

• Dinamic Strategy: it creates an active tack that offers you more consistent, it allows the using of all the tool’s lenght and it reduce the machining time.

• Machining Based on Characteristics (FBM): it programs automatically all the boxes, contours and drillings of a solid geometry.

• High Speed 2D Tracks (HST): it creates smooth movements, lengthening tool’s life and reducing or eliminating the manual finishing. 

• A box standard style include zigzags, a direction, real spiral, constant spiral, “morph” bex and opened boxes. Each of them with an optional finishing pass.

• The contours and boxes re-machining uses smaller tools to clean automatically the material left by a previous operation.

•  Region machining: provides a fast and simply way to select the 2D areas we want to machanize.

•  Possibility to select and drop a machining start point to any model’s position.

•  Fast and efficient drilling block.

• The engraving function offers themanual finishing efect using your CNC machine. 



Mastercam includes optimization functions, for both pieces and tracks, essential for good productivity:

• Fast and efficient pieces optimization for maximum use of the material.

• Complet control over the distance between pieces, sheet margins and more else.

• “Drop” easily the pieces through all the sheet, or from sheet to sheet.

• Place converted CAD models directly.

• Group pieces and assign them optimization properties.

• Double side and common-limit Nesting.

• Sheets and pieces “filling” customized definition to reduce cuttings.

• Vertical/horizontal automatic cuttings obtaining rectangular retales.

• Save those retales for posterior uses.

• Create customized tags and reports.


Nerve, Thickness and Height Control

Panels efficient machining resides in a simple control over the nerve clamps.

• Leave an “onion peel” to hold the vacuum and prevent the pieces movement.

• Nerve full control, including both complets and partial nerves.

• All nerves are editable and movable, having adjustable ramp angles.

• Put all the nerves manually or let Mastercam put them on.

• Nerves cutting can be done after each piece or at the end of all.

• The height control allows you to easily define how high the tool will pass through the nerve.