Numeric Control Milling Machine with Gantry traction system.

  3021 4021
X 3000 4000
Y 2000 2000
Z 200 200
Other measures available on demand

Constructive system:

This series incorporates the fixed table and movable head system, adopting the bothside traction bridge format, called Gantry system.
The subjection is made by a grooved table and vacuum presses. This multifunctional table is planned and grooved on squared sections, operation made by the machine itself, which guarantee a perfect perpendicularity, square and alignment of the three axis.
The working surface is grooved on 22x22mm. squares and 30mm. between centers.

Machines with desplacements up to 80 mt./min.

The working spindle composition can be configured according to the production needs.


Easynest with CHARGER PRO II

Nesting Line for boards and doors.

This Line is composed of the next elements:

Adouble loader of panels or doors, telecopic. CHARGER PRO II

Machining center Mod. Easynest with double milling spindle, rotary tool change and floating circular saw.

A double panels or doors discharger, telescopic.
This line is designed for charging and working of MDF panels of 2mm. automatically.
The handycap we found was that, due to the panel porosity, the charge vacuum clamps took more than one panel.

With our selection system, we have resolved this problem and the system works correctly, taking only on board for each cycle.

The charge is divided in two clamps groups, so in 1000 mm. panel case, it can be possible to load two panels and mechanize them simultaneously because we have double spindle.
If, instead of loading boards, we want to load doors, we can do it with the same process and work on two doors simultaneously.

The machine width is 2100mm.

Machine destined to doors and boards manufacturers.






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This spindle is doubled so that we can machine two pieces simultaneously.


  • 2 vertical milling 9 Kw. HSK engines
  • 2 rotary tool change with 10 HSK unites
  • Floating circular X/Y saw
  • Horizontal engine






This is the selection we made for this machine