Nesting System Numeric Control Machine.

  2513A 3018A
X 2500 3000
Y 1300 1850
Z 130 130
Other measures available on demand

Constructive system:

This serie incorporates fixed table and movable head, adapting the both side tactioned head format, called Gantry system.

The subjection is made be a grooved resine table and some vacuum shots. This multifunctional table is planned and grooved in squared sections, operations that is made by the machine itself, which guarantee a perfect perpendicularity, square and the three axis alignment.
The working surface is grooved in 22x22mm. squares and 30 mm. between centers.

Machines with desplacements of up tu 80 mt./min.

The working spindle composition can be configurated in accordance with the production needs.

The informatic system allows us to install some software, according to production needs and level of automation that we want to achieve.


• Floating spindle

• Nesting System






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Vertical milling motor type 919-9 Kw. ISO/30 S6- 4 poles. 300/380 V. (+/- 10%) 400 Hz.
Cooling by electric fan with thermal sensor
Isulation class F Weight 31 Kg.
Double front and rear angular contact bearing
Maximum speed 24.000 r.p.m.

Motor with clip and manual tool change

Vertical Milling motor of Mod TMPE 14/2 5,5 Kw special construction, to adapt tools mounted on a ER-32 clip with 2 to 20 mm of capacitance. Front and simply rear angular contact bearing.



Vertical and horitzontal milling group with circular saw for grooving.

There are som different spindle compositions and setup to adapt to your requirements.




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