Technology & Development

At Rierge we develop our products through our technical office.

We construct in our installations all the boiler components, we develop our own software and adapt market solutions to our products, we weld, we mechanize, we construct the elements of planchister, we design and construct the electrical panels, we program and parameterize all the electronic elements, and we assemble the components and carry out the start-up of our cnc machining centers.

Our qualified personnel performs the design and layout of the electrical panel and then, in our installations we assemble the different elements, identifying each of the cables, which are done by us too, welding the terminals and checking each one in order to be sure that there is no connection failure.

Most of our machines are treated by stabilizing all the parts that have suffered tensions due to their manufacture at the origin or in the course of the manufacturing process of the machine.

Those pieces are treated with heat for a period of 24h, reaching temperatures of 600ºC, in order to eliminate internal stresses that, during de process, can lead to a deformation of structure, which would imply a loss of precision and a superior wear of the elements of traction and translation as guides, spindles, skates and zippers.


The point of support of the precision guides, racks, spindles, supports and other points of support are machined to guarantee a perfect settling and parallelism, guarantee a maximum precision of the machine.


When we receive the components manufactured by the different departments of our company, the work of assembling the elements begins. The work of an entire team converges and everything has to fit with maximum precision in this process. There are hundreds of pieces that will configure a product of high quality and precision, to achieve the maximum satisfaction of our costumers.


Quality Control

All the axes are calibrated with laser interferometers in order to compensate for differences in the pitch of the traction elements such as zippers, spindles and reducers.

The squaring between the different axes is also done with laser equipment, which guarantees us a high precision and perfection in the machining.

We incorporate the latest measurement technologies for a perfect alignment and compensation of the traction axes. Once the machines are finished, they undergo a strict quality control by performing a Test of Circularity, Squaring, Repeteability, Precision, Laterality and Regulation of Servos by means of the Ballbar System and tests of all functions are carried out.

In large machines the Laser Tracker is used for alignment of the assembly, installation and alignment of the machines.

These equipments issue us documentation for issuance of ISO Certification.


Modem connection

The TELESERVICE module consists of a modem, installed in the control desk and communications software to access from our computer to the CNC via the Internet.

This system allows us to offer remote technical support, orienting you in programming and at the same time being able to diagnose any failure in the program or in the system, import and export files, view inputs and outputs and the possibility of intervening on equipment.

In the machine, external USB connection sockets and headphones are available to be connected to our SAC department via Skype.

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Our clients can access the Clients Club area where all types of technical and commercial documentation can be downloaded.

Our SUITE X4, developed in our Software department, grows day by day and offers us more intercommunication between programs and facilitates to our customers the use of the machine, working in a single environment, easy and didactic.

Our technical service is equipped with necessary elements to be able to evaluate at a distance the nature of the intervention. In 80% of cases it is solved by telematic means, but in case an on-site intervention is necessary, our technicians will move to solve it.

All our machines of new generations 2009, are equipped with modem of connection to Internet and external sockets of USB and headphones and micro connection, so that the client can establish contact with our department SAC through Skype for remote assistance to help you in any doubts you may have.


All the components we use in our machines are exclusively of European origin and of leading brands i their specialty. Visit our section of Collaborators where you will find information about them and links to their website.