Contrary to what our competition wields, the Nesting system does work and it works perfectly. Of course, you’ve got to know how to build the machines for it and Rierge has been working with a multifunctional table for 25 years. In this period of time we have investigated and we found the solution, which is the sum of several details that, as is obvious, we will not reveal.

When everyone built the machines with a single support point of axis “Y” (Gooseneck) in Rierge we already used the Gantry system, and when everyone used consoles and suction cups, Rierge already used the multifunctional table. Rierge we went against the current and now the competition comes to our position. Who was wrong?

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Centre delegation


Since today the Rierge’s Delegation in the Central Zone is already operative.
Mr. Javier Hornillos is the responsible of this and he is at your servise to advise you on choosing the most appropiate solution to your needs.

Contact telephone: 683420137



Today we celebrate our 63rd anniversary.

Since 1954 we have worked and we have strived to be leaders on all different projects we have proposed and now, looking back, we can be proud of all we have achieved. No doubt this could not have been possible without the help of all people working in the company, either the confidence diposited in us by customers and sellers and, of course, the suppliers collaboration.

To all of them, thank you to help us to achieve all aour goals.



The MM Series adapts to the aerospatial sector requirements,  as to precition,  trustworthy and quality of the finishing of mechanized products.

Here we have the example of Carbon Fiber working, which has specially difficulties to not splinter when machining, taking into account they are multi-processed pieces and they already have a high economic value.


Center Delegation


Continuing with the expansion plan programmed by Rierge, we announce that next November, we will have a delegate in the downtown area, in order to be able to provide a better service to our costumers.

RIERGE, closer to you to get further.

Soon we will publish more information.




A new model of Alufast series is already available for our costumers.

This model has been designed for carpentry aluminim profiles mechanizing. It has a tilt system spindle, rotary tools change and movable jaws with automatic positioning, as main details to highlight.

With Alufast/S you can mechanize 250×250 mm. profiles with a length up to 4000 mm. or 7000 mm., depending on the model.

Fusteria Sibina


Fusteria Sibina, is a family business than has been dedicated for more than 150 years to the manufacture of wood elements for construction and interior design.
They work with designs from the most avant-guarde to the most rustic, and being located at the food of Montseny massif they can combine their furniture work with the restoration of farmhouses and rural houses.
They have a 700m2 warehouse for the fabrication and kitchens expositions.
With this 5 axis cnc machining center incorporation they will offer a great diversity of solutions and exclusive designs.

We have supplied the machine with Promob program, for furniture design and, along with MasterCam program, there’s the posibility of making all type os furniture desings. We have also added PortaCam program for doors and fences machining.



Model Evolution


If you have doubts, if you do not know which system to choose, if you know that the Nesting system has many advantages but they tell you that it has a drawback, if you are afraid to make a choosing mistake…

At Rierge we have your solution, we can offer you a mixed system with multifunctional table and suction cup consoles, without the need to make a big investment or occupy twice as much space.

Rierge offers you the Evolution Model of Easynest Series, with all the advantages of Nesting and the versatility of the consoles.

Ask for information.



Easynest Evolution


Easynest Evolution is already here, it is a model that has two integrated campling systems.

We can be working with the multifunctional table and a martyr and, once we obtain the cut pieces, we canplace them on suction cups arranged on consoles wich move along the table.

It is not necessary to disassemble anything, simply place the consoles on the desired distance and pulse the Gear button. The machine will recognize the difference between table and suction cups height.

Comfort, flexibility, time reduction, those are our goals. With RIERGE you will always obtain a little more.

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