Easynest Evolution


We have already given some clues about this machine, but it also belongs to the developments made in 2017.

This has been the star development of all those carried out in which we incorporate, in a single machine and without increasing the occupancy surface, the two systems of pieces subjection, multifunctional table and clamp-holders consoles. Two in one.

The extremely completed configuration, with 5-axis head and drilling group, make this machine an essential element for those modern carpentries that want to envolve in the sector and to offer their customers a service and a differentiated product.

This model has been presented at FIMMA18 and it has an espectacular success, we have already closed and everything points to it being the star of te next years.



We had a pending ongoing issue with this model. It had to be remodeled and it deserved that we did it thoroughly. This 2017 has been the time to do it.

This model wih more than 20 years since its creation, has been modified incorporating mechanical improvements, as well as improvements at the work process level, making its handling more confortable. Highlighting the frame loading system, the automatic positioning of the suction cups and the grippers, the Gantry system in the displacement of the “X” axis, and a renewed automatic loading system. In summary, all the knowledge of 20 years of experience has been implemented in this NT Door series. Without forgetting that it incorporates the new PortaCam X4 V7, with many improvements to its predecessor.




New developments in the Alufast gamma.

In the Alufast series we still needed to complete some models of the intermediate range. During the year 2017, we have developed a new model with a new jaws system with automatic positioning.


Easynest/7021 – Combi


Project Easynest Combi, has been developed during last year 2017.

Equipped with two pieces fastening systems: in a corner, we have a multifunctional table to carry out Nesting works, and on the other, we have 8 clamp-holders consoles. In addition, in this case the machine is equipped with a 5-axis head and a splitter plate.

This machining centre has been installed at Roca Fitó Carpentry, and soon we will make an interview to give us your opinion.

SONPURA relies to RIERGE the machining of bases and folding


Since 1969 SONPURA has grown up and nouwadays it has become a benchmark nationwide. Currently, Susana Soriano, company’s founder granddaughter, leads the prestigious brand, promoting it with the same enthusiasm as her grandfather and father, with the vocation to incorportare the new technologies that make this sector envolve.

SONPURA has selected RIERGE for the cutting and milling of bases and canapes’ boards of their rest eqquipments. That is why they has acquired a RIERGE machining centre with Nesting table, which stands out for its production capacity, robustness, speed and reliability.

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FIMMA2018 a success


RIERGE has rated the edition of FIMMA 2018 as a success. The great number of visits received at the stand gave us the opportunity to share opinions and ideas, and demonstrate the operation of the numerically controlled machining centres exhibited at the stand.


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The company Zestan was founded on 1988 and at present it is found at Parets del Vallès (Barcelona).

With RIERGE we have improved. – Says Genís Hernández, Industrial Engineer responsible for manufacturing in the Barcelona company, – their machine allow us to make more things and more complex furniture. There are less restrictions on the design“.

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Fusteria Vidal


VIDAL GERMANS progress on the skeleton of office and hairdressing furniture making

They multiply their productivity thanks to a nesting table by RIERGE.


FUSTERIA VIDAL GERMANS was born in 2001, when Miquel Vidal Aguilera retires and his sons Xavier and Bartomeu take over the business.

“The carpentry was born focused on the modelism for automation, but soon it derived to the sofa world. Yesteryear this furniture piece was manufactured otherwise -says Xavier Vidal-. It was 1971 when my father started to manufacture the first armor for upholstery”.


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