FUSTES MONTGRÒS expands its service capacity, with a RIERGE’s 5 axis


Fustes Montgròs,was founded in 1942 (last year they celebrated its 75th birthday). Located in the industrail polygon of Sant Pere Malanta, next to Vilafranda del Penedès (Barcelona), it has 15.000 m2 installations.


FUSTES MONTGROS chose RIERGE for its machines’ robustness and its extensive benefits, well contrasted. “We were lookit at several options. RIERGE is specialist in machining centers, and they hlandle very advanced technology. For us RIERGE is a zero kilometer supplier; we value their proximity and the fact of being a spanish manufacturer –explains Jordi Rovira-. All the components of the RIERGE’s machines are easily to find. And their technical service is fast and efficient”.

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IRURE optimizes the manufacturing of stands with a Nesting of RIERGE



When Irure was born, in 1992, they were already making fair stands for their clients. They also manufacture furniture and interiorism for stores and other commercial locals.
But their strength is the manufacture of carpentry elements for events decoration.

This machine is perfect for the product we make -says the general manager of IRURE-. We have won productivity, comfort, safety and qualiy of finish. RIERGE has adviced us correctly, and their machine is robust and reliable. Spanish manufacturer, close and diligent at the time of giving us answers and technical assitance“.


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Wooden storers


Main wood warehouses have trusted in Rierge for installing CNC machining centers in their board cutting departments, offering a better service to their customers. They are:

  • Gabarro Hnos.
  • Fustes Closa
  • Fustes Montgros
  • Fustes Vilanova

For them, we’ve designed a very complete machine for the machining of several types of materials, doors, molds, Nesting works, in order to offer a personalized service to their customers.

Nowadays,they don’t just supply wood, but some other new materials are being integrated both industrially and privatelly uses. This is the case of Solid Surface and the wide range of compact boards and resines, for which, with our CNC machining centers, we also give solutions for perfect finiched pieces, thanks to the robustness of our machines and their electric components we incoporpore to them, as tha fact of having a real industrial numeric control and not a simply axis control card other companies incorpore, even the most known.


Merry Christmas


We close this year 2018 having reached the proposed objectives. We have before us a new exercise that we start full of illusions and projects, and ideas to carry out.
We hope that with the help of everyone, customers, suppliers and eployees, we will able to achieve the goals we set for ourselves.

Rierge’s team wishes you a happy new year 2019



Nesting System is establishing more and more, and the automation requirements are more demanded every day by our clients. For this purpose, we’ve been working on the improve of our autimatized Nesting lines.

For working on more and more bigger boards formats, it is an advantatge to have a automatic charger, which allows us to put a complete package of boards and let the machine to charge the board at same time it expel the already cut pieces.
In this case, the machine has an automatic charger and discharger and a manual labeler at the exit.

All our machines can incorporate 3, 4 and 5 axis heads.

It is very important to have, besides a good CNC machining center, the suitable software to make the installation as profitable as possible.
In this case, the machine is eqquiped with Promob + MasterCam + Suite X4 + TwinCam11, and licence for Promob Point of sale for the customers stores which, once the project have been finished and presented to the final client, can send the cutting for its machining.



As we comented in this blog in March, following the inclusion of Alufast/S model in our catalog, we were working on completing all the range of machinery for aluminum and sandwich panel machining.
This moment has arrived and with the inclusion of the Model Alufast/R, we’ve acquired the objective that we had set ourselves for this year 2018.

The main novelties of this series, are the tilting subjection jaws with automatic positioning, which make easier the machining on all sides of the profile. This model can incorporate 3, 4 and 5 axis machining head.




Within the established model update plan, the series MEGA has been implicated. Independently of the appearance of the machine, its mechanics have been improved, adopting steering racks on all axes, and longer travel on Z axis.

Those models of this series can be acquired on 3, 4 and 5 axis versions on demand.



The family of Alufast Series keeps growing up. These days an Alufast/130 model is being launched, with a working length of 13000mm. and a working width of 700 mm., for aluminium and sandwich panel profiles.
The jaws incorporate automatic positioning with simultaneous movement.
This machine has been accquired by the company Metalicas Maguisa, in Oliva (Valencia).


Fusteria Josep’s


JOSEP’S was born on 1995 with guaranteed professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the wood sector. The particular needs and tastes of its clients are the starting point for the realitzation of any project. The exclusive and customized furniture is their forte, as well as the comercial facilities. The work made in collaboration with different interior design professionals guarantees them. You just have to tell the your dream and in Josep’s will make it true.

Josep’s is now modernizing its machinery park and has acquired a cnc machining center Mod. Easynest 4021 for Nesting works and a cnc machining centre Mod. MEGA/30-5 with robotic head for the machining of 3D pieces.


Rierge Team


As you can see, the work carried out during the year 2017 has been important for a company like ours, because we have had to combine it with serial production.

We appreciate from this platform, the effort of our entire technical team, for the good work done. We must bear in mind that all our departments are involved in these processes: design, software, programming, welding, machining, painting, assembly, commissioning, technical service and Hotline; all of them working with a single objective, to make better mechines every day, taking care of quality, ergonomics, design and providing the best possible technical service.

Our clients also have something to do with our success, without their trust and understanding, non of that have been possible.