FUSTES CLOSA looks beyond the carpentry


The warehouse from Barcelona looks at the future with strength in commercial and machining departments.

FUSTES CLOSA is a company originally from Igualada that is passing through its third generation, directed since 1998 by Ramón Closa, founder’s grandson.

With the irruption of the great crisis, the changes also began into this wood and board warehouse. “Is was no enough to have material, organize the stock and serve customers well -remembers Ramón Closa-. Those premises were not enough to sell; it was necessary to incorporate commercials, go out to sell and, in addition, incorporate machinery in the warehouse to transform the materials and give them added value“.

The Nesting is an ideal system for that type of bussiness in which the parts are not manufactured in series and cutting in a panel saw is not profitable because hardly going to cut more than one board, therefore, is the most cost-effective system for cutting the pieces in detail, because we obtain the cutting, drilling, boxing and moldings in one go, without having to manipulate the piece from one machine to another.

In this case, the machine incorporates a robotized spindle, that permits to make machinings in any position and perpendiculary to the piece, what offers more possibilities to Fustes Closa for the complex workings realization and to offer a better service to their costumers.

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