More presents every day in the central zone of Spain, we have installed, in full pandemic situation, a cnc machining center Mod. Mega/30 equiped with horizontal motors to mechanize doors, in addition to the usual working for the furniture manufacturing.

this machine has been installed in DAMAY TODO MADERA Y LACADOS, S.L. It’s a medium company from Paracuellos del Jarama (Madrid), with two years of activity and seven workers, that has inherited the experience of 30 years of a carpentry that preceeds it. Dani and Mayte (DAMAY) decided to pursue with a bussiness that ceased due to retirement.

Specialized in the work of lacquered doors (they have their own lacquering workshop), DAMAY has opted for RIERGE to grow in the sector and expand its services.

This machine, as all those manufactured by RIERGE, incorporates a real numerical control from the SIEMENS brand, which guarantees faster execution of programs, better finishes and greater precision.

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