FIMMA 2020


It’s almost 1 and a half month left for the FIMMA/MADERALIA opening, that is celebrated from 10 to 13/03/2020.

We are working on the manufacturation of the machines that we are going to expose. Our product range is very extense and it is impossible to have all types of machine in one Stand, but we are going to have a significant sample of our last developments.

It should be noted a model of JST series, that has been designed for plywood CLT machining, which most extensive use is for ome building.

We want to show the now model Easynest Evolution too, which nowadays is the leading sales model because of its versatility due to the disposal of both multifuncional table and clamp-holder consoles that can be displaced over the table.

In the range of point to point machines, we are going to expose the model MEGA-30, a machine with structure of swan neck and clamp-holder consoles. This model has the advantatge of being designed for a flexible production, with the possibility of machining both furniture and doors.

For those companies that need to drill already cut pieces, for example, to combine with a Nesting line, we have our electronic drilling Alpha, that makes parts cuts and both vertical and horizontal drillings.

those are the four machines we are going to expose in a Stand of 500 m2, where we are attending you gladly.

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