This  warehouse from near of Barcelona looks to the future with a commercial force and mechanization.

FUSTES CLOSA is a company from Igualada, that transits through its third generation, directed by Ramón Closa since 1998, grandson of the fundator.

With the emergence of the great crisis, changes in this wood and board warehouse also began. “Having material, organizing stock and a good atention to our clients wasn’t enough anymore -remembers Ramon Closa-. Thos premises wasn’t enough to sell; they had to incorporate a commercial office, going out to sell, and to incorporate machining in the warehouse to transform the materials and giving them added value.

The success of FUSTES CLOSA lies in the service and, particulary, in their capability and knowledge about mechanization. “We’re incresingly dynamic in the order’s delivery -assures Ramon Closa-. Nowadays, our costumers demand much quality, and if they don’t have what they need in 24 or 48 hours, or they don’t like the finish product, they’ll find another supplier”.


Used to a commercial activity of material’s selling, today FUSTES CLOSA has developed the manufacturing of semi-finished products for their clients. “We were aware of where the market was going. We started to make things we didn’t know -admits Ramon Closa-. We didn’t know how to read drawings or to programm machines. We started from zero, but we made it”.

This way, FUSTES CLOSA put their focus to potential markets where they didn’t work before. They took the opportunity of bussiness, that today is going very well. They realized much before than the others carpentries. And, nowadays they are pointers in the segment of the cutting, machining and edging of the boards. “We have to offer quality, to create a name -says Ramon Closa-. If you don’t make it well, or if you give log delivery times or if the client has problems with the product, you’re stigmatized and spread the word”.

To dominate the machining file has permited to FUSTES CLOSA to get far from the constant prices battle of a purely commercial warehouse and to look at the future with hope.


FUSTES CLOSA has acquired a RIERGE’s five axis machining center, with a nesting table. “We were looking for precission, to make molds and very special machinings for singular clients, with a high added value -explains Ramon Closa-. It’s a robust, fast and easy to programm with a keyboard shortcut machine, and it allows to machine very little pieces also”.

The goal of this company is to create and develope a technical office to maximize this bussiness area and make things even more complex.

“The living places has standarized but stores, hostelry, banks offices or fair’s stands, between other spaces, require a customized carpentry. We have to make this service”.

In this stage, RIERGE has responded with technology and an appropiate machine, supported by a software that makes a perfect fit.

“The warehouses that doesn’t follow this line will be lost -observes Ramon Closa-. It’s not possible to only store and market. A machining center is an essencial product to compete by special and costumized working, in front of the standarization and the prices war”.