A carpentry and cabinetmaker specialists in interior design.

ELS NOIS is a cooperative society, a rare figure in the carpentry sector, but in this company case it is working splendidly, with a very high level of implication of their six employee’s who took over the company when its owner, Pere Font, decided to retire. There are six other assemblers and installers who work externally.

“El Noi de Tona” is a famous character in their town. “A charlatan who walked around the avenue and pulling people’s teeth or pulling the wool over their eyes”. The cooperativists could not come up with a better name than ELS NOIS for this carpentry.

ELS NOIS is a carpentry and cabinetmakers that comes from the customed furniture, often made with solid wood, and nowadays they manufacture both customed furniture and serial furniture, usually with board and melamine. Their speciality: apartment interiors. The closets, bathrooms and kitchens, bedrooms and livingrooms. The furniture, the floor, stairs, coatings…

The incoportation of the RIREGE mechanizing center answers to the desire of giving more quality to their work, and also to reduce the manufacture’s costs. “The quarry players do not get to play on the first team, the carpentry depends, increasingly, to the machinery. The carpenter’s future is technologic”.

ELS NOIS especially values that its machining center is zero kilometer, it means, manufactured near from their town, “we like to work with RIERGE, they have formidable machines and they advise us and help us permanently. It’s guaranteed that those things drown in the technical office is manufactured identically in the workshop, to the smallest detail”.

As they mainly manufacture furniture, they have decided on a nesting because of its versatility to cut and mill every kind of pieces, making the most material. Saving time, effords, error range and energy.

The software linked to the machine are: PROMOB, based in the configuration of parameters and the drag of 3D blocks; and MASTERCAM, suitable for drawing and programation of customized elements. “Starting from the base of AutoCAD, MASTERCAM is an infinite programm, passed to 3D and translated to machining, that is, to CAM. This software has no limits, and neither do the machine. Besides, all of it is very easy to use when you’ve received a little bit of training.”

Much part of the work goes to the RIERGE every day. Increasingly. Our goal is to make there the bull of work, and that a single operator takes over it. “It’s a big, robust and reliable machine. It prepares the furniture ready to make the edges and to be assembled.”

There’s present and much future in ELS NOIS. With cutting edge technology and volunteer and excited staff. Enought with a favorable wind for the Barcelona’s market, where the company from Tona makes the 80 per cent of the operations.