A new model has been incorporated to our extense range of CNC machining centers. It’s about a new version of Megadoor, a center specifically designed for door machining; this new version incorporates two drilling and placing groups for anuba bolts, and 4 automatical chargers with a capacity of more than 100 units, this system admits two different diameters bolts, 13 and 16mm. The spindles are independent, so that one of them makes the drilling and the other places the anuba, but the fact of being identical, they can toggle their functions or they can have the tools ready for each anuba measures.

The lock and handle’s mechanizing are made by the vertical spindle that, at the same time, has a automatical tool’s change system with 8 positions. To avoid chipping, the machine has two spindles with an angular forwarding to make the drilling and machinings at the other side of the door.

This machine has automatical charge and discharge systems, so it’s installed in an automatic line. In order to be able to control at maximum all the process, it has a tools break detection system, and an automatical vacuum clamps positioning to ensure a better subjection and to avoid the collision during the machining. For those doors models that come from other construction processes, the spindle has an artificial vision detector that locates the already made drillings and places the anuba.

The enclosure is completely isolated to avoid the emision of noises below 80 Db. Specifically, the medition is …

Doors made of wood, aluminium and iron are mechanized in this center.

Machine acquired by the company Ouest Production of Grupo Saint-Gobain.